Five important things to know about teens

surly teenRaising teens is a dangerous business. It’s easy to fixate on the perils and temptations that seem to await them around every corner. But if you haven’t reached the teen stage yet, you may not realize the perils that await you, the parent.

Here are my top five:

  1. Dumb, monotonous pop songs will run endlessly through your head. As soon as you manage to get a song off your mind someone will turn on the radio and it will be on again.
  2. You will never again be able to find an unoccupied bathroom, even if you have boys. We have .60 bathrooms per capita at our house but I have to stay up until the wee hours just to get a shower.
  3. Their activities will consume all of your time and money until they are old enough to drive, at which point they will take only half your time and all of your money.
  4. The most gag-ifying smell on earth is a damp ski glove/hockey glove/lacrosse glove. Just burn them when you’re done with them.
  5. Your teen will not tell you about an illness or injury until they are at the point of hospitalization if they think it will cause them to miss a sleepover/outing with friends/date/tournament/fill in the blank.

What have I missed, oh beleaguered parents of other teens?

13 thoughts on “Five important things to know about teens

  1. Add – Just how stupid you are and how they know ABSOLUTELY everything! And what do they do to those gloves (mine is a baseball kit) to make them smell like that. EW!


    1. Oh, yes – they think you just crawled out of a cave and cannot possibly know anything. I find myself blathering, “I have a master’s degree” like they care. (And I wish I knew the solution to the stinky gloves. I could make millions.)


  2. You always make me laugh. Right now, for me it’s not the bathroom, it’s all the electronic devices. I have to work out a bargain just to get some time to blog! Then, they’ll take all my money when it’s time to buy them there own electronic devices.


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