#6: Gym class was never like this

desertUsually, in my installments of Search Terms of the Sad and Desperate I offer advice to visitors whose search terms hit my blog. But I’m not sure the originator of today’s topic, “Gym class was never like this” is seeking advice. I think he or she is just making a statement to the world.

But I’m intrigued. Is this someone who loved gym class and wishes that all life was like gym class? Or is this someone who huddled in a corner of the gym hoping no one would notice? In my experience, there is no in-between.

I’m picturing someone in a cube at the office, feeling either hateful or joyful, making a comparison to a past in the gym.

Here’s what I think might have been going through this person’s head if they hated gym class and love their job:

Gym class was never like this because…

  • …we didn’t get to eat during it.
  • …it made us sweat while right now I am basking in a frigid blast from the AC.
  • …I never get picked last here.
  • …at work we don’t have to swim and then go directly to a meeting.
  • …I can sit in the same chair all day if I want to.
  • …my boss is not a sadist.

But if this person loved gym class and hates their job, they might be thinking:

Gym class was never like this because…

  • …we don’t get to “accidentally” hit each other with field hockey sticks here.
  • …humiliation of others was tolerated, and sometimes openly encouraged.
  • …I was always picked first.
  • …those who violated the rules got a foul or better yet, got kicked out of class.
  • …now, I have to sit in the same chair all day.
  • …the gym teacher was not a sadist.

How about you? Did you hate gym class? Love it? How would you finish this sentence? I am dying to know.

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A disclaimer: While it perhaps shouldn’t need saying, let me remind you that I have no credentials, training or certifications of any kind that would qualify me to mete out advice to anyone. This is a humor blog. If you don’t find it funny, well, that’s another issue.

7 thoughts on “#6: Gym class was never like this

  1. I love that your job is not like gym class! Mine isn’t either.. mostly. I’m not sure if I’m talking about the writing, photography or parenting.
    I guess it is like gym class because it requires wardrobe changes.
    It’s not like gym class because I’m not getting a C-!


  2. Gym class was more or less horrible. The highlight of my years of gym was a feminist argument about wearing short shirts. (I said we should be allowed to wear shorts like the boys and therefore not show our knickers and I refused to take mine off to which she said… I wasn’t allowed to join in with class?? It was like an argument I couldn’t lose.)


    • This is a comment sure to inspire the reflection, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” At least among that half of the population who spent most of their creative energy trying to invent reasons they couldn’t participate in gym class.


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