When Suzie speaks, people listen


Blogger Suzie at Suzie81Speaks is surveying bloggers this week. She’s asked us to answer seven questions in a linked post of our own, or in the comment section of her post. She plans to compile all the answers, and include examples in a follow up post.

Thanks for the nudge to participate, Suzie. Here goes…

1. How did you create the title for your blog? When I started blogging, I was struggling to find a balance between raising a family and running my own business – and I knew others were, too. The blog originally drew parallels between the two, but has devolved into a humor blog. Go figure.

2. What’s the one bit of blogging advice you would give to new bloggers? Don’t be afraid to grow with your blog. Change is OK, and this is a very forgiving medium.

3. What is the strangest experience you’ve ever had? In my whole life? Wow, that’s a big question.There have been a few but the one that comes to mind occurred while I was traveling overseas with some family members. I woke them up on our first morning in London after what felt like a good, restful night’s sleep, and we all trooped down to breakfast. When we got there, we realized, after an embarrassing exchange with hotel personnel, that it was still evening and while I thought we’d slept the whole night, it had actually been less than an hour. (My family was not amused.)

4. What is the best thing that anybody has ever said to you? Once, while talking in his sleep, my husband said to me, “That’s very impressive, honey – to be the first woman to land on Mars like that.”

5. When presented with a time machine, which one place and time would you visit? It would be fascinating to be at the Battle of Little Bighorn, the site of Custer’s last stand. But I’d want to be able to beam myself back out of there pretty quick.

6. If you had to pick a new first name, what would you choose? Probably the name of some literary character given that I named my daughter after the heroine in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth.

7. If you were a B Movie, what would it be called? Ha! I’ve got this one covered in my recent post about what movies would be like if they reflected my life – The Slightly Hungry Games.

You can participate, or see the answers from other bloggers, at Suzie81Speaks.

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