One last vacation mishap

2012-08-14_15-39-33_376While I’d love to pass on my recent Liebster Award from Taprina at For Sanity’s Sake to Barb Taub, I understand (from Barb herself) that this would be an exercise in futility because she will never, ever respond. So instead, I’m featuring her travel story in one, last vacation mishap post.

We didn’t really get a honeymoon, so a few years later took our honeymoon in Hawaii—with child in tow. How was it? Well, the hotel bathroom was nice. I know this because that’s where I spent the whole trip. My daughter wasn’t feeling well on the plane, and by the time we landed I could spot the chicken pox coming out. The hotel doctor absolutely panicked. We had a visit from the health department, who quarantined us to the room. Because the light hurt her eyes, we spent the better part of the next week in the bathroom, sitting on the floor drinking mai-tais. Her spots were gone just in time for us to catch our flight home. I’ve often wondered what the rest of Hawaii looks like.

And this we have in common, since I’ve never been to Hawaii.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their stories. Here’s wishing you better vacations than these.

4 thoughts on “One last vacation mishap

  1. Eeek, that’s awful! I spent my chickenpox as a child, in an exotic oasis too. Brooklyn in the middle of August with no air conditioning in a 2 bedroom apartment. I made the most of it, I spent nights on a beach chair to keep the calamine lotion from staining the bed. YAY!


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