A remembrance

IMG_0021A flower, bending in the wind, turns her face to the sun.

Today the blogging community honors Tina Downey of Life is Good. Tina, who was an instrumental part of the Blogging A to Z April Challenge, passed away on August 27th.

Because Tina loved sunflowers, the A to Z team is hosting a tribute today, Sunflowers for Tina, to fill the blog world with flowers in her honor. We were asked to buy or plant and photograph a sunflower, but as I traveled the city this past week, I noticed there are sunflowers everywhere right now, in full, beautiful bloom. They look bright, and restless. They’re blooming together, filling otherwise dull, browning spaces with color. You can’t help but be drawn to them.

I chose one, growing wild near my home, to share.

Rest in peace, Tina. We’ll miss you.



23 thoughts on “A remembrance

  1. I am sorry you lost a friend and colleague. I am only too happy to pick up some sunflowers in her memory.


    • That is so nice of you! I did not know Tina well, but she was a great influence, and a great friend to many. This feels like a small community despite its breadth.


  2. Hi Sarah .. she was an amazing woman, despite her illnesses .. she was always cheerful … and now she’s bringing more of us together … I bought some sunflowers and will I hope spread their seed into the hedgerows here .. cheers Hilary


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