Could I be…socially awkward?

Could I be…socially awkward?

Gem_Tuesday_ButtonIn her link-up today, Charity at The Wounded Dove asks us to post about a parenting fear. Well, my kids are a little older now, so in addition to the standard fears about their safety, nutrition, health, friends, grades, etc., etc., I’ve added a new one.

What if I really am the dork they think I am?

It’s clear they think I’m ridiculous – every instruction I issue, every idea I suggest. (I once overheard my youngest son parody me with the following snarky phrase: “Let’s watch a G-rated movie while eating healthy snacks.”)

And, lest I cause them great public embarrassment, they would rather I didn’t:

  • Like any pop music even though I am forced to listen to it every minute I’m in the car. (Or at least not admit to it.)
  • Sing.
  • Wear my puffy winter coat into their school even if it is -20.
  • Sit in the same movie theater.
  • Volunteer at a school dance.
  • Dance.
  • Display my affection for them in front of another human being.
  • Talk to them at any public event.
  • Talk to any of their friends, ever.
  • Talk to any of their friends’ parents.

They’d probably be happiest if I never talked at all. I have to admit, even I’m sick of some of my more frequent quotes:

  • Close your mouth and eat your food.
  • Can you please use your head for something other than holding up your hair?
  • You people would try the patience of a saint, and I’m no saint.
  • Rise and shine, especially the rise part.
  • This is not a diner!
  • The family dinner is highly overrated (nearly always stated during dinner).

I’m sure they find the constant repetition of these words, and the frustration that usually accompanies them, beneath contempt – and will continue to do so, at least until the day they hear themselves saying this stuff to their own kids.

Lucky for me, my self-esteem should hold up to the constant negative reinforcement. To all you parents who find yourselves in the same boat, who have aged out of “cool”, don’t worry – your popularity will soar the minute your kids need a ride somewhere.


10 thoughts on “Could I be…socially awkward?

  1. This is what I have to look forward to? I’m super cool right now, and my kids love that we listen to Katy Perry and have dance parties where I cut a rug. It’s awesome that they still think I can dance. Thanks for reminding me that that’s all about to change, and I love how you just roll with it and find the humor in it. 😉


  2. I am going to happily ignore how embarrassed my kids are by me like my mum did. I will just put a dollar in the therapy jar every time I do it. That is better than I got and it might not only pay for therapy but college as well if I start adding swear money to the jar.


  3. Looking forward to it. At present I’m actually encouraged to dance (if not sing – the singing is disallowed).

    You (and I) probably still have a chance if we aim for “cool grandparent” though. Grandparents never really stop being cool (or at least they don’t hit quite the same low during the teen years, from my experience). I think that’ll be my thing.


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