A Banana Cream pie to the face

IMG_0301After a couple of short-term, but painful, financial set-backs, my other half and I came to the realization that we would have to put off a few planned home improvements.

First off the list – repainting the house, which has as a side benefit the fact that we do not now have to paint the house. (No, I do NOT think that’s cheating; I think it’s prudence.)

I cannot, however, ignore the few areas that need a touch-up, which sent me to the paint store toting a can of paint in an ancient hue in hopes they could swing me a few more gallons.

I set the rusty can on the counter.

“Oh, no!” said the young woman behind the desk, rolling her eyes, “Banana Cream!”

Two more clerks came to the desk. “Not Banana Cream,” one of them muttered.

Now, I know that picking out paint colors is not a core competence of mine, but I like the color of my house. Liked it when we painted it, and like it now. So I was a little disgruntled.

“There’s nothing wrong with Banana Cream,” the young woman said, noting my quizzical expression (“quizzical” being a generous descriptor of the expression I wore). “It’s just that this is one of the few colors we mix that requires a light yellow base, and we almost never carry it. I’m not sure we’ll be able to mix this color for you.”

“I’ll check,” she added, heading to the back while I felt the hours of gained productivity and refound dollars ebbing away from me.

The crashing, banging, and gasping that ensued sounded like the offstage racket in a Three Stooges movie.

“Look at this!” She shouted to her co-workers, “I found a gallon. No, two gallons! And one that will almost work. That’s three whole gallons!”

I waited for the confetti. The marching band. The celebratory handshake. Nothing.

“You must be the luckiest person on the face of the earth,” she said, returning to the desk.

Well, I don’t feel that lucky. Particularly in light of the set-backs I mentioned earlier. But I’ll take what luck I can get.

Oh, and I also bought a gallon of deck stain. Watch me go.

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