Sorry we woke you

IMG_0349Friends and readers, I’ve written something a little different today over on BlogHer, a personal story about teen depression and suicide. Please visit if you are so inclined. It’s an important message, and we need to spread the word.


4 thoughts on “Sorry we woke you

  1. I hope everyone is OK. My daughter has had 2 friends threaten or attempt suicide. I forwarded this to her as a reminder to ask for help when she runs into something that is so difficult.

    Way to make me cry at my desk.

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    1. I am so sorry, Lisa. I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago after the incident occurred but didn’t publish it. Unfortunately, we’ve had a tragic reminder this week that we have to get this message to our teens.


  2. My comment is not posting on BH 😦

    How very brave of your daughter. There have been too many times when people ‘don’t’ speak up, and THANKFULLY, she did it. I hope all is well with her friend, today and forever.
    Depression, is tough, a strong loving army is much needed.
    Thanks for sharing your story & your heart. ❤


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