The (dinner) matrix

The (dinner) matrix

Dinner – that blessed time of day when families gather to share thoughts, experiences, and food. That is if they’re willing to share food.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life trying to get nutritious food into three children with wildly differing tastes. One will eat vegetables all day, but virtually no fruit. One eats fruit by the pound, but skips most of the vegetables. One eats neither. And then, in a twist that I will never understand, two of them will eat oddities like mussels and escargot. The nerve!

In order to make dinnertime a little more palatable (get it?) I’ve developed the handy, dandy chart, below:

food chart

9 thoughts on “The (dinner) matrix

    1. I forgot the brussels sprouts! Child #1 and #2 will eat them any old way, raw or cooked. Child #3, only if they are raw and have no dressing. And then, with slight protest.


  1. What about take out?! I know, not the healthiest! But there’s always Panera! I can’t even believe the matrix! I am both freaked and in love with it. 😀


    1. Um, take out? Not very often but clearly, I am obsessed with food. And given that I am even now sautéing spinach and onions with some fresh garlic to put on a sick child’s sandwich I’d say they have no idea how good they have it.

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