Christmas Past – 2013

As I write my annual, snarky holiday letter, I’m revisiting some highlights of past years. From my heart to yours. With apologies.

imageHow They Spent the Year

While Sarah spent 2013 pursuing that most lucrative of endeavors – blogging – her loved ones expended their energy in different ways:


Spent it seeing if he could experience every virus known to man, sort of like a round-the-world beer tour only with no beer and, so far, no t-shirt.

Highlight: Being abandoned at urgent care with pneumonia and a double ear infection because Sarah didn’t want to sit for 90 minutes in a room full of sick people. Her compassionate parting words: “Text me when you’re done.”

Child #1 (age 14)

Spent the year trying to hide the fact that she was watching TV on her phone.

Highlight: Her dance team taking a first place at a competition where all the other teams’ moms were wearing matching jackets. (Not hers.)

Child #2 (age 11)

Spent the year in truly offensive used lacrosse gear.

Highlight: Eating a piece of insulation because it looked and smelled like cotton candy.

Child #3 (age 9)

Spent the year vigorously pursuing his self-study of World War I .

Highlight: A discussion with his great-aunt, a history professor, on the impact of the Zimmermann Telegram.

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