A writer with no thumb

IMG_0094Well, I have a thumb, two actually. One of them isn’t working well, however, and it happens to be the one I need the most.

I write with this thumb. Do everything with it, in fact – open jars, open doors, fold laundry, brush my teeth, chop onions. I never realized how inconvenient a sore thumb could be. It reinforces my belief that if our cats had opposable thumbs, they would be much naughtier. All sorts of bad behavior would be suddenly within their reach.

(And you thought the cat picture was just pandering. See how I worked it in?)

I’m resting my thumb, where I can, although I feel a little foolish asking my hulking 12-year-old son to unscrew lids and carry heavy grocery bags. It makes me feel feeble, despite the fact that I likely injured this thumb weight training or doing a handstand in my yoga class.

My chiropractor is hastening my recovery by prodding, taping, and manipulating my thumb in all sorts of unnatural ways. (She tells me it could be the start of arthritis, not just an overstretched tendon, which I refuse to believe.)

And blessedly, it is better. I can now type without pain. Although since it’s improving, I need to come up with another reason as to why I haven’t been writing.

I’ll probably default to the excuse we all tend to use in this part of the world – the cold, snowy, depressing winter weather.

Home remedies for thumb injuries are welcome – already using lavender oil and turmeric. Any other suggestions?


12 thoughts on “A writer with no thumb

  1. I have hideous thumb issues. It really isn’t fun at all but I suspect we take our dear old thumbs for granted! Hope your thumb is on the mend soon!


  2. Ask your doctor about Zyflamend (vegetarian version InflammaShield w/ Holy Basil supplement sidekick)…


  3. I hope your thumb gets better soon! As for myself, my lungs have been damaged by disease I contracted 3 years ago – I no longer have the disease, but the lung issues remain.


  4. I hope your thumb gets better soon!! Sometimes, I have to slow down with the texting because I can feel a slight cramping. The other day ago, I asked my my husband if he thought arthritic thumbs were on the rise, due to texting.
    I’m sorry I don’t have a remedy for you, but I’ve heard turmeric works and cinnamon.


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