One pork chop

food chart snapI’ve hit upon an ingenious way to use that last pork chop – I shall explain.

We are a family of five. Most cuts of pork these days come packaged in threes. I have always been greatly disturbed by this. It means each time I serve my family pork chops I end up with a leftover.

This sad leftover sits in the refrigerator until it is beyond hope and I throw it away, because no one in my house really likes leftover pork. Even I, a general advocate for leftovers, will usually opt for something a little more interesting like the beef stew or the black-eyed-pea salad, and skip the lone pork chop. But it bugs me to throw it out.

Then I hit on an idea. Many times, when I serve my family a meal, one child opts out. My kids have vastly different tastes. One eats nothing spicy. One won’t eat fish. The third won’t eat anything that resembles sausage.

So now I freeze that sixth pork chop – tuck it in its own little bag and store it for the meal one kid won’t eat. I thaw that baby, season it, throw on two teaspoons of cider vinegar and two teaspoons of maple syrup and twenty minutes later I have a back up meal. Voila!

Works with that sixth chicken breast, too.


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