B is for Buffet

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Behind every good tip is someone who is inherently lazy. Or maybe just efficient?

In an attempt to shortcut the kitchen clean up, I’ve taken to serving everything buffet style. We have a large, stainless steel table in our kitchen that serves as an island. Instead of carrying food to the table, I make my family come to the food. I arrange it in a line on the island, they bring in their plates (or take one from a pile at the end of the table) and we go through the “buffet”.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a huge time-saver, but I can tell you it eliminates the need to carry a bunch of dishes out to the table and back into the kitchen 15 minutes later. (15 minutes being the approximate time it takes my teenagers to scarf down food it took me two hours to plan, shop for, and prepare.)

Anything to save a little clean-up.

Tomorrow.C is for Cheese Sauce.

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