F is for Fail…and a Feather in my cap

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I bet you were starting to think I had my act together, weren’t you? Joke’s on you!

I committed the ultimate Parental Fail today. Mid-way through the morning I picked up a voicemail from my daughter that went something like this:

“Hi, Mama. I just wanted to let you know that the elementary school attendance line called, and (youngest child) actually has school today, it’s just the 7th – 12th graders that are off. But don’t worry, I got him dressed and fed and (older brother) is walking him to school right now so it’s all taken care of.”

That’s right – I failed to send my child to school. He has a dreaded “unexcused tardy”. The worst part? I actually double-checked the calendar to make sure he was off. Oops!

But the feather in my cap? I have a teenaged daughter poised and capable enough to get a furious 11-year-old who is yelling, “Mama betrayed me!” out the door and to school.

So I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

Tomorrow….G is for Giant Bag.

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