N is for Nuts

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One of the benefits, for me, of life at the office is I don’t eat as much – I pack my lunch and there isn’t much opportunity to eat outside the boundaries. However, I do occasionally require a snack. My favorite – raw, mixed nuts. Mine come from Trader Joe’s and include brazils, almonds, cashews, pecans, and hazelnuts.

Now, before you start admonishing me that they’re fattening, let me point out that they are also filling. You don’t have to eat a lot in one sitting, although it’s certainly possible. And they’re full of protein and healthful qualities.

One thing of note – I seem to have a sensitivity to some nuts, particularly cashews, when they’re roasted. The raw nuts pose no such problem for me.

(Of course, I have no medical basis for this observation, so don’t run out and eat a bunch of raw nuts if you are courting disaster!)

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