S is for Stash (of Cash)

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Well, it’s not a lot of cash. It’s just enough to keep me from ending up in a pickle.

Mornings at our house are often a mad dash. Although I’m usually careful to gather my things the night before, I live in almost unreasonable fear that I will leave the house some morning without my wallet. And that I won’t realize it until the end of the day when, once again in a mad rush, I will find I’m unable to exit the  parking garage at work.

Well, everyone has some paranoia or other. This is mine. To combat it, I tuck a twenty dollar bill in a safe location, where it will not be pilfered by my children, for just such an emergency.

It’s not much, but I’ll take my peace of mind where I can get it.

Tomorrow…T is for To-Go (no, not that kind of to-go)

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