W is for What Was I Thinking

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The A to Z Challenge is drawing to a close and I am darn near out of ideas. It doesn’t help that the end of the challenge corresponds to those ridiculous letters that so few people use – X, Y and Z. Go ahead, defend them if you must. I will not be convinced.

I was so psyched out by the terrible trio that I forgot poor old W, which is not a bad letter. It’s serviceable in its way. So I’m just going to wing out a few tips that include a W. Sorry, it’s the best I can do:

  • When you fold the wash, sort it as you fold according to the room it goes in. This takes a lot of space, but a fraction of the time to put it all away.
  • When you can, dust with a slightly wet wipe to keep all that crap from floating around in the air.
  • Whistle while you work. Sorry, lame.
  • When you have a dozen half-drunk water bottles around, use them to water your plants. It very slightly reduces the guilt of putting all that plastic in the waste stream.
  • When you pull weeds, pull all  weeds of the same type until they are gone – a particularly helpful tip if you have a clueless kid or two weeding with you. P.S. Start with the tallest weed.
  • When you’re asked to bring a snack or dessert to a kids’ party, bring cubed up watermelon. It’s cheap, it’s fast to prepare, it’s hydrating, and it will be gone in minutes. Seriously, you cannot bring enough of the stuff.
  • If you’re stuck waiting during kids’ sports practice, go for a walk. I do this all summer when my kids are at  lacrosse practice and it’s a wonderful way to end the day.

That is all. I’m going to go off to meditate on X, Y and Z.

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9 thoughts on “W is for What Was I Thinking

  1. “What was I thinking” is one of my favorite sayings based on how many times I say it lately. And I’m finding that X, Y, and Z don’t fit into my theme very easily either. I’m considering making up a new word. What do you think?


    1. I say go for it – I am definitely going to take some liberties with these final three. Sort of like taking a shortcut at the end of the marathon so you can get to the finish line. Not that I’ve ever done that. Or, come to think of it, run a marathon.

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  2. Alas, “Whistle while you work” will always carry a skewed but special meaning for me. When I was young (probably around second grade), my uncle was stationed somewhere in Italy. For Christmas that year, he sent my Mom an elaborately carved toilet paper holder in the shape of a Swiss chalet. Inside (in addition to the spindle for the toilet paper roll) was a music box that played the tune “Whistle While You Work” every time the spindle was turned. Alas, my Mother’s sense of humor did not align with the spirit of the gift and it wound up installed in the basement bathroom, where it remained when we moved the following year. My brother and I loved it, however, and it remains a fond childhood memory.


  3. I do these things, too! Especially 1, 4 and the last one — all time-savers and eliminating waste. I tend to have half-drunk glasses of water around also, so I use the water for those as well. I wish I had done this challenge — it looked like fun!


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