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Not a writer’s block

fall leaves

Friends and followers, I’ve been absent from your feeds. Sometimes what life hands you requires your energy and you must divert it from the tasks you love.

One of the heartbreaks of the blogging community – what you can only find out the hard way – is that bloggers disappear. They die. They experience an event so crushing that they lose their voice. Or they just plain lose their enthusiasm and stop writing. One day you have a daily correspondent, a friendly voice on the other side of the world and the next day – poof, just like that – they’re gone. You can’t find them. You can’t reach them. And it leaves you feeling bereft.

And then that blogger was me.

Well, I have the same old voice, but it’s reshaped, perhaps, by the events of the year. Painful personal experiences. Exciting career opportunities. Children growing up and pulling a little farther away. A national recognition for my writing – not for my humor, but for the blog post it nearly broke my heart to write.

Fall feels like an ending for a lot of people, but for me it’s always been a beginning; a chance to retreat back into yourself after the glorious chaos of summer. A time to get serious. If you exercise,  you’ve probably gone through times where, for whatever reason, you can’t get to your run, or your swim, or your yoga class. Then you wake up one day and realize you are a little stiffer, a little angrier, you’re losing your edge – and you put the shoes back on and you run.

Well, I woke up feeling like a run today – and here it is.


Warning: Take the Month Off

IMG_0291Yesterday, the Daily Post writing prompt asked us to invent an astrological sign for ourselves. While I was too upside down and backwards to do that piece, I’m pulling myself out of the depths for today’s post: The actual horoscope for October, written in retrospect. Retrospect I can do.

October Horoscope

During this month, the pieces of your carefully constructed reality will fly up in the air and come down again in a different order. You’ll want to move forward, but you won’t know where anything is.

The people closest to you will suddenly seem to have lost their minds. They will make decisions you don’t understand and can’t prevent. People will exit and enter your life at a dizzying rate, leaving an impact far beyond what is reasonable or predictable. Things that felt solid will dissolve under your feet. Things that seemed moveable will remain so solid you cannot budge them.

And although you are entering a period of extreme unrest, all you will want to do is rest. You will find yourself resting as items on your to-do list pile up around you.

Make no mistake – this energy is taking you somewhere, you just don’t know where. Big change is coming. It has to. You’ve felt its approach for a long time now, but you haven’t been ready to face it. Well, get ready. You can’t stop change.

The temptation will be to close your eyes, open them up when it’s all over, and see where you’ve landed, like Dorothy in the tornado, headed off to Oz. If that’s the tack you take, just be ready, when you open your eyes, for your surroundings to look completely different. And to, somehow, find your way back home.

Lost and found

Some people will go to great lengths to avoid change. Not me. For me, it’s a way to regain what I’ve lost.

I made a change not long ago because I’d lost some things. Important things, like:

  • My patience
  • My motivation
  • My humor
  • My interest
  • My energy

And my resolve. I really need that. There’s nothing like barreling through life with a big dose of resolve.

I try to make a major life change every couple of years just to keep myself interested. Some might say I’m an underachiever, but I prefer to think of myself as bold and adventurous.

We’re all busy, and change can seem really daunting when you’re buried in details. But when you think about it, what is change but just swapping that really crappy to-do list for one with better stuff on it?

My energy is back. I’m even feeling a little patient. Seems like this change is for the better, but if this doesn’t work, I’ll just make another change.

See how that works? It’s a beautiful thing.

This post is part of the Blogging University Writing 101 series.

Is it really going to be that bad?

One of my worst mom moments: sitting in a pediatrician’s office while four nurses held down my son to give him a needed shot. It was horrible. He was screaming at the top of his lungs and terrifying his younger brother who was also in the room. But it was the outcome that really got to me.

Immediately, after the shot he brightened right up and said, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad.”

Sometimes the anticipation of an event is worse than the event itself. How often do we put ourselves through all kinds of trauma for something that isn’t going to be that bad?

Fall is a time for change and many of those I know are making transitions in their businesses and their lives. Sometimes the change feels so huge it is almost paralyzing. How do you take the first step?

When I speak to small business audiences I often present a large amount of information, and I can sense the point at which some of the participants start to panic about the changes they need to make to run an effective business. To ease that feeling, I typically share this quote from Mark Twain before we all head our separate ways. For me, it really does point you toward the path for change and I make this practice a cornerstone of my business:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

Good luck! Hopefully the worst will be over in a few seconds.

Making some change in your business this fall? Send your stories to sarah@dayonebusinessseervices.com – if I use them I’ll feature your business.