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Time bank

0098OPThis morning’s Daily Post writing prompt asks what we would do if we had an extra hour. Well, I’ve got this one down. I’d do what I do every year when we “fall back” from Daylight Savings Time.

One October, we forgot to turn the clocks back. When I realized it, about halfway through the morning, I decided to wait. I figured I didn’t need the hour as I perused the Sunday paper and drank my coffee, but I was pretty sure I’d need it later in the day when the full impact of the week ahead, and my massive list of unfinished chores, started to hit me.

As is typical, I began to fall behind in the early afternoon. Laundry was piling up. There were dishes in the sink. None of the kids had their homework done. I hadn’t planned anything for dinner. I could feel my weekly Sunday panic starting to take hold.

So I set all the clocks back. Voilà! I was once again on schedule. Or at least closer to on schedule. And a new habit blossomed into being.

Even though I don’t accomplish a whole lot more in my extra hour, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I’m cheating, somehow, and that’s pretty thrilling for a “rules girl”. If I could, I’d do this about once a week. The bad news? I’d be years in the past by now. The good news? Some of those dated items in my wardrobe would look a whole lot less offensive.

We’re “falling back” in a few weeks. I’d strongly recommend you give it a try…

How I spent my extra hour

This morning when my husband and I woke up we realized we’d forgotten to turn the clocks back to reflect the end of Daylight Savings Time. But rather than reset them then, we decided to wait.

As I said to him, “I don’t need the hour right now, but I’m sure I’ll need it later in the day.”

So we waited until around noon. When I started to ask myself where the day was going I set the clocks back and suddenly, I was back on schedule.

Tells me a lot about how I spend my days. I start out with lots of energy and good intentions but as time wears on and the to-do list gets longer I start to lag behind. And I hate getting to the end of the day and feeling like I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do.

So this worked for me – so well, in fact, that I think I’ll do it every year. Wish I could find a way to do it more often than that.