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Because I have time today – embarrassing admittances

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling the urge to disclose some things I’m sort of embarrassed about. Perhaps it’s a step on my path to self-awareness. Or maybe it’s just Monday. Anyway, here goes. Feel free to  share your own and purge your shame.

  • I have not cleaned out the cabinets in our master bath since it was remodeled 9 years ago.
  • Though I pride myself on my professionalism, I once said about a colleague, “Don’t worry, I’ll find some way to get him to stop bugging us,” not realizing he was standing in my doorway.
  • I eat my breakfast (and sometimes lunch) off whatever plate happens to have been left in the kitchen so I don’t have to wash two.
  • Some of the pajamas I wear are older than my high-school age daughter.
  • I have been hit by bird poop in public three times, and two of those times I was at a work event.
  • I once entered a high school class late because I had been off registering for college courses, something I was really proud of, only to discover that my zipper was wide open as I sauntered in.
  • When tasked with turning around a really crappy line of business, I had to present a profit improvement chart to our CEO in front of my colleagues where the trend line never hit break-even.
  • I wash out and reuse Ziploc bags – but only the storage type bags, not the sandwich bags (typically).
  • My bank once lost a sizeable check and I had to ask a brand new client to reissue it.
  • One day, in front of a room of 300 students, a college professor absent-mindedly patted me on top of the head.
  • Even though I make my living as a business writer, I had to double-check that I was spelling embarrassing right.

I’m sure I could think of more but I’m not feeling that self-aware. Hope you enjoyed a laugh at my expense. And in case you haven’t already guessed it, I’m going to clean out those bathroom cabinets this morning.