I need a new sweatshirt

IMG_0540A few months ago, I wrote a post about the beloved black sweater that for well over a decade has answered for me the question, “What should I wear?” As ratty as it is, I have since realized I have a much more disreputable item of clothing in my wardrobe.

As I stood at the ballpark last night chatting with other baseball parents, it suddenly dawned on me that I was the worst-dressed person at the park. While others sported carefully-coordinated casual wear or the clothes they’d worn to work, I was clad in the aging Hanes sweatshirt I bought years ago with no thought whatsoever.

This is the sweatshirt I grabbed off the rack at a discount store – along with four others in varying sizes – because my family mistakenly believed it could not be cold in central South Dakota in August. (Wrong.) It is large and gray. It is worn. It is missing the pull for the zipper. And I love it.

It is the item I always grab when I think it will be a little chilly. The neighbor who I see at the bus stop every day probably thinks it’s the only item of outerwear I own. The members of my yoga class probably roll their eyes when I walk in. And the parents at the ballpark? They are probably wondering whether a) I have no taste; b) I have no pride; or c) I have no disposable income. (Note: On any given day, any or all of these could be true.)

Time for a wardrobe intervention. I need to get some self-respect. I need a better-looking sweatshirt.

(But I’ll still wear this one when no one is looking.)

OK, I heard from plenty of people with ratty black sweaters when I published that post – who else has the aging gray sweatshirt? Tell me I’m not the only one!