Finished! An exercise in gratitude

IMG_0309Euphoria – that’s what I felt after finally finishing my deck this weekend. Or maybe I was just a little giddy from the deck stain fumes.

Yes, I know it’s a little late in the year to be staining a deck. I prefer to think of it as a head start on next year.

And in that spirit, rather than dwell on the negatives (like the 8,000 oak leaves that fell as I worked, or the birds who decided to party a little too hard on my freshly cleaned deck), I’ve decided to express gratitude for the people and circumstances that contributed to my success.

I’d like to thank:

  • Twenty-odd years of yoga for enabling me to work in a crouching position all weekend.
  • A well-ventilated area, that is to say, the outdoors, although even that was not quite ventilated enough.
  • My friend Barb who drove my daughter home so I could stay doggedly at my task.
  • Sherwin-Williams’ semi-transparent stain for covering up a multitude of evils.
  • That the deck is outside so every time I got frustrated with the quality of my efforts I could say, “Get a grip, it’s OUTSIDE, how good does it have to look?”
  • A couple of rain-free, just-windy-enough-days.
  • The Gopher-Michigan football game for providing energizing background noise (for a change).
  • The excellent gouda cheese my husband bought at Costco. It may not seem like there’s a link here, but trust me, there is.
  • Evening opera tix to La Fanciulla del West, which was the light at the end of a cedar-stain covered tunnel. (I know that those of you who don’t care for opera, which is about 99.75% of you, are wondering how an opera could possibly be the light at the end of anyone’s tunnel – and in fact would probably stain a deck to avoid having to go to the opera. I make no apologies.)
  • Scott and Heather who took my boys boating for a whole day. That was eight hours I was not interrupted every 15 seconds. Do you realize how fast all that time adds up?
  • That I remembered to “paint” myself toward the porch door so I was not stranded on the deck until it dried.
  • Coffee, ’nuff said.
  • Wine, see above.

So, my thanks to all – and one last grateful thought about all those leaves that fell during my project: At least it wasn’t snow.