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Actions speak louder

IMG_0301I say “I love you,” to my kids so often I’m sure they don’t hear it anymore. Well, to be honest, they don’t hear much of what I say these days. I can give a direction five times before anyone even acknowledges it.

But I persevere. I’m a doer, so I’m convinced that the little things I do will cut through the fog and instill themselves as some kind of ghost memory of my love in the minds of my kids.

Am I dreaming? Maybe. But if you think about all the annoying things you do just because you love your kids it gets to be a pretty long list.

No one who didn’t love you would do this:

  • Cut up a mango. It’s a giant pain.
  • Go to Chuck E. Cheese or one of its for-the-younger-set counterparts.
  • Change a diaper. Any diaper.
  • Use $10 in gas so you can go to a job that will pay you $40.
  • Invite a friend to be the 6th at dinner when I only made enough food for five.
  • Host a sleepover with more than two children at it.
  • Let you eat in the car.
  • And while we’re at it, prepare a homemade meal whose primary asset is that it was designed to be eaten in the car…
  • …but skip dinner myself to drive you to your activity.
  • Watch The Teletubbies while sober.
  • Drive you to school in my pajamas.
  • Pay your phone bill.
  • Volunteer at a school event that requires me to produce an attractive and educational display…
  • …or carve a map of Africa out of a pan of brownies.
  • Spend the afternoon in a wet bathing suit.
  • Play the same children’s CD in the car, every day, for a year.
  • Make a 5-hour round-trip for the sole purpose of adopting a stray cat.

I could probably stay at this list all day. But I need to go drive some people around.

What’s the most annoying thing you do for your kids?

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Love, actually

I hear the muttering – the under-the-breath comments you don’t have the nerve to say too loudly. I know we don’t always agree. But it’s not my role to agree with you all the time.

Part of my job as your mom is to make unpopular decisions. To tell you no. To correct your behavior. I know that sometimes you interpret that to mean that I don’t love you. That I’m not of your side.

But it’s not true. I do love you, even if I don’t always express it in the way you expect. If I didn’t love you:

  • IMG_0165I wouldn’t make you wear a hat and gloves to school.
  • I wouldn’t spend hours shopping and cooking to put interesting, healthy food on the table even though I know at least one of you will refuse to eat it.
  • I wouldn’t make you redo your math problems when you get them wrong the first time.
  • I wouldn’t make your bed for you when you should be making it yourself.
  • I wouldn’t drive you all over the universe and spend entire days sitting on a cold, metal bench just to watch you lose a heartbreaking game.
  • I wouldn’t turn your dirty socks right-side out before I wash them.
  • I wouldn’t make you go to bed on time, eat your vegetables, and check in your phone at night.
  • I wouldn’t let you see the real me, faults and all. What better way for you to know that people are imperfect and you can love them anyway.

I wouldn’t tell you that winning isn’t everything. That self-respect is. That you are loved but you need to be your own best friend.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves. I am always on your side. And I know you love me, too, whether you say it or not.