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A Monday morning

smallkindnessWhen your daughter borrows your expensive earrings without asking, and your hair is a wavy mess, and you get a project dumped on you before you’ve even left the house, and one son almost misses the bus, and the other son generates an email from school for being habitually late to science class, and your parking ramp is full so you have to walk an extra three blocks with something in your shoe, and you can’t find your security badge, and you realize you’ve forgotten to plug in the slow-cooker so dinner is not underway as planned…

And then your dad sends you a note about how much he enjoyed your last blog post and how talented you are and how proud he is.

And all things in the universe around you breathe a collective sigh of relief and the day settles back into place.

Small kindnesses matter.

10 signs your day is off to a rough start

UnknownI know, carpe diem and all that stuff, but some days just don’t warrant a lot of enthusiasm. Ever wish you could go back to bed for an hour and wake up to a second start? Here’s some signs that might send you back to that still-warm pair of pajamas.

 10 signs your day is off to a rough start:

  1. The cat has thrown up in your shoe.
  2. You forgot to put the pot on the coffeemaker before you started it and are now cleaning up Lake Dark Roast.
  3. You have a voicemail from the school principal.
  4. You’re late and you’re out of gas OR it’s -8 and you’re out of gas OR all of the above.
  5. The day’s school lunch offering is something your kids call “that stuff that bounces when you drop it.”
  6.  Three members of your household have asked you a question that started with the phrase, “Have you seen my…”
  7.  You have to iron.
  8.  The only thing you can find for your breakfast is a granola bar that came free in the Sunday newspaper delivery.
  9. Your child leaves a musical instrument that cost more than your first car at the bus stop.
  10. Your black sweater is in the wash.

For any of you who are counting, this list includes five unplanned errands or chores and two rolls of paper towels. Not that I’m counting.

Some days are better than others, and some improve as the day goes on. I hope for you this is one of them.

What unbelievable obstacles will you overcome today?

Why I hate Mondays (it’s not why you think)

Like most families, we spend our weekends in a dead run. This last weekend included: two football parties, one monster vacuuming session, one trip to exchange a pair of kids’ shoes, three trips for groceries, three birthday celebrations (one with a gaggle of teenaged girls), several workouts, one backyard rugby game, one association meeting, and a two-day debate tournament. Oh, and about eight loads of laundry.

I don’t mind the busy-ness. What I do mind is the Monday morning mess left in the wake of my family as they head off to school and work. The dirty clothes (is laundry ever done?), the dishes, the general clutter. I feel like I start every week behind and by the time I catch up, it’s the weekend again!

I used to get the same sinking feeling when I worked my last corporate job. My boss was in California, several thousand miles and two time zones west, and no matter how buttoned up I had everything on Friday and no matter how late I stayed there was always activity after I left. It was impossible to start the next week anything but behind.

So tell me, how do you prevent that Monday morning pothole in the road? Clearly, I don’t have this one down. Post your comments or send your insights to sarah@dayonebusinessservices – if I use them, I’ll feature your business.