Q is for Quality Footwear

Screenshot 2015-03-31 21.10.53

The most shocking adjustment I had when I returned to full-time work was an immediate realization that my poor feet needed a break. Accustomed to kicking around my home office in a pair of Haflingers, they were suddenly thrust into a series of shoes and boots that had been worn briefly to client meetings and networking events, then shucked off as soon as I returned to the office.

These shoes were not built for comfort – at least not all day comfort. Suddenly, my feet were navigating concrete parking garages, skyways, stairs, and long days. Man, those dogs were tired.

It took me approximately one working week to realize I had to invest in some shoes that were more comfortable. For me, that meant a lower heel and a little more room.

It practically killed me to have to pick up a few more pairs of shoes (not). There is such a thing as too many pairs of shoes, after all (not). How many pairs of shoes does one person need? (An infinite number, clearly.)

Fortunately, it was the end of the retail boot season around here, and I cleaned up at the sales. And you can never have too many pairs of boots when you live in Minnesota – the boot season is about 9 months long. It’s one of the few benefits of life on the frozen tundra.

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