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Aaah, the weekend! Let’s relax with a little housework

I don’t care whether you work in or out of the home, if you’re managing a busy family the weekend is anything but relaxing. One of the most depressing moments of the week is that point on Saturday when I realize that I need to fill the seemingly endless stretch of hours before me with laundry and other yucky chores. I don’t know why, but it always seems like a surprise. After all these years of kids and working on my own, I still have that TGIF mentality that says on Friday the work week is over and I’m free to relax.

But that is no longer my reality, nor is it for most of the people I know. The days run one into another at breathless pace. Here’s what reality looks like to me these days:

  • My house is full of children who don’t belong to me. They come and go at a dizzying rate. And they eat my food.
  • I can do an entire load of red laundry and another that’s entirely yellow and green.
  • I run out of milk every half day or so, and when I go to buy more…
  • The checkout guy at Trader Joe’s says to me, “Do you realize you buy two of everything? Is that intentional?”
  • My neighbors comment on how often I drive up and down the street.
  • My schedule is more crammed than ever, but in addition to work meetings it’s full of items like “cats in for shots” and “orthodontist consult”.
  • (And by the way, I had to make a budgetary choice between a year of braces for my kid and having a cat’s tooth pulled – roughly the same cost. Guess what I chose.)
  • I have necessary household items, like wine, delivered to my home.
  • There’s always someone bleeding around here.
  • Sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth my time to take a shower. Or put on clean clothes. I just go to the grocery store, the library, the post office, etc. as is and hope no one I know is there.
  • I never, ever notice what I pay to put gas in my car. What’s the point? It’s not like I’m not going to fill up.
  • I’ve stopped keeping a to-do list because items on it age out.
  • I send my husband off with the CostCo list even though I know the trip will cost twice as much if he goes.

Of course, like everyone. I find many ways to procrastinate on a day like this. Blogging for instance.

What does reality look like to you today? Commiserate with me.

Free-floating dissatisfaction, or what’s bugging me today

What is it about autumn that makes me feel frustrated with my environment? Since I work primarily from home, it’s probably that I’m shut up in the house. I’m surrounded by things that bother me, yet I don’t feel any particular urge to fix any of them. I feel disoriented, restless yet unmotivated.

As a result, I have spent a great deal of time standing around today, feeling annoyed…and strangely that does not seem to tick off any of the items on the to-do list.

Things that are bugging me today:

  • My garage smells like a combination of new tires and mice.
  • It’s only 62 degrees in here but I haven’t had the furnace safety-checked yet so I don’t want to turn it on. I’m so sleepy I’m afraid I won’t notice if I’m being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.
  • There’s nothing for lunch.
  • Our deck looks like a shipwreck that has been raised from submersion and plopped in our backyard, barnacles and all.
  • There are at least a million wet oak leaves on the lawn.
  • I need to make a trip to the compost heap, but I’d have to walk through the million wet oak leaves on the lawn. My obsession with re-using all things organic means I have a kitchen full of vegetable peelings and coffee grounds.
  • I am working on two different computers because I can’t seem to migrate everything over to the new one. It seems I have a problem with commitment.
  • I’ve done all the laundry except the socks and underwear but I don’t feel like gathering up socks and underwear.
  • We did sun salutations for the first 20 minutes of yoga class yesterday and I have sore muscles I have never been aware of before.
  • Did I mention there’s nothing for lunch?

If I applied myself I could take care of most of the things on this list pretty fast. But it’s so darn cold in here. Guess I’ll start by kicking that furnace on and taking my chances. At least then, if I’m disoriented, I’ll know it has an origin.

What’s bugging you today? And what are you going to do about it? I am badly in need of some inspiration.