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J is for Just in Time

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I have to credit the blogger at Momsanity for this one – I had “just” about run out of ideas for blogging on J when she suggested Just, as in Just a Mom…but I’m amending it to Just in Time – which is what I am since it is 11:00 p.m. and I’m barely going to stay on schedule for Blogging A to Z.

It has made me realize just how often I am Just in Time – for the dentist, for the start of the movie, for the carpool pick-up. I’m not early. I’m not late. I’m Just in Time.

I imagine some might call me disorganized. I say no. No one told the Japanese automakers they were disorganized when they followed JIT inventory principles. They were called EFFICIENT. They were called COST EFFECTIVE. We were told they produced QUALITY output.

So why should I show up even a minute early? In that minute, I can throw in another load of laundry.

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I is for Instructions

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Tired of coming home to a place that looks like a flophouse, I’m instituting a new system. I’ve swapped my insistent (but somewhat good-natured) nagging for a series of notes taped up around the house. Here is an example:

Put your coat on a hanger, and hang it up in the closet.

Note the specificity – if I just say “put your coat in the closet” there is a reasonable chance it will end up on the floor. Here is another example:

Rinse your dishes and put them in the dishwasher. Make sure the dishwasher is not full of clean dishes first!

A timely reminder, as I pulled a dirty plate and fork out of a clean load of dishes just today. It defeats the purpose of having a clean load of dishes, although it might help the kids avoid this instruction:

Empty the dishwasher before you turn on the XBox.

I know it doesn’t sound like these two things are related, but I assure you they are. Since the XBox seems always to be on when I return home, I know it is taking precedent over any number of tasks I would prefer. At least I have put them in a logical order.

And finally:

When you are finished brushing your teeth:

  1. Pick up a cup and rinse the nasty, disgusting toothpaste out of the sink – all of it
  2. Hang up the towel (yes, you did use it last)
  3. Pick up any clothes belonging to you from the floor and deposit them in the hamper
  4. Turn off the light when you leave.

Suddenly my nagging doesn’t sound so good natured. It’s a good thing they can read.

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